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Eliaatours Travel & Tourism is a private Travel Agency located in Jerusalem, it has been established for you, for its customers, to provide the pleasure, excitement to Tourists, we have been organized and managed by professional and expert team in the field of tourism and travel, we were working on the ground (offline) for 5 years, but since 2019 we starting over online, wishing best memories together.
Our vision is our reputation by getting your full-satisfaction and your happiness, our concern is to keep developing high quality of services, accurate and up to date travel information to reach our aims of serving our valuable customers.
We believe powerfully in providing travelers with the knowledge and services necessary to reach all the sites though our travel lectures, traveler’s desk, and fully guided tours, Providing quality content & information to assist independent travelers in maximizing their travel experiences in the region.
Our policy is to promote incoming tour services to meet growing demand all over the world; we have maintained programs to cover these demands.
Our professional guide crew has all the experiences, knowledge and rich information and details about all tourist sites; to make the trip easier, more interesting and have a lot of fun, and our experienced staff is in charge of maintaining full services to our clients, we guarantee you will come back to us next time, just join us.

Our mission

Stop here for a moment if you are ready for exciting adventures to discover important historical hotspots, famous tourist places, great history, religious & archaeological sites and holy places in the world, in all of Israel, Jordan, Egypt and West Bank; and to spend memorable and pleasured times, by providing you distinctive organization and management, flexible programs and times, competitive prices, continuous fun, modern vehicles, superior services and outstanding follow-up which are established to achieve this goal for you, by an expert professional well-trained teams.
Israel is very rich with History and Civilization, full with Archeological Sites, holly places, Ruins, cultural events, festivals, and Antiquities, Tourist attractions, therapeutic and recreation sites such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Eilat, Dead Sea & Cities of the North Coast.
In addition to flexible and amazing tourist trips to Jordan to the most famous tourist places, religious and archaeological sites, such as Petra, Jerash, Dead Sea, Maddaba, Aqapa, and Wadi Rum. And to Egypt, such as Sharm El Sheikh, Taba, Egyptian pyramids. We can also arrange variety private of tours around the whole region leaving every day upon on requests.
if you are thinking about travelling to Israel and/or Middle east, this is the best agency is established for you, we have a lot of Tours with Transportation choices in Israel, Jordan and Egypt.
we are waiting you, to give you remarkable life experiences.



our partners are the main parts of EliaaTours secret sauce for success Because we believe in teamwork philosophy and that is in our vision, as one of our competitive advantages so that what give us a good value among our competitors.



EliaaTours waiting till sharing the journey with you, Because of the Pleasure and fun increases with the companionship of friends, so we guarantee you to have remarkable tours and experiences



in the holy land and Jerusalem, there are a lot of places and secrets to know and new Discoveries to show, that's what EliaaTours develop it and expand it every day to make every tour a unique one and to give you great moment



We are in EliaaTours don't look to the Traveler as a visitor that comes ones to this place and may not come back, instead of that we consider every Traveler as an ambassador for our land first and our agency to dream of coming back every day

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