Masada Sunrise, Ein Gedi & Dead Sea

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Tour Itinerary

02:00 - Pick up from Tel Aviv (Textile & Fashion Building - 2 Kaufmann Street)
03:00 - Pick up from Jerusalem (David Citadel Hotel)
05:30 - Arriving Masada - Climb to the top to watch the Sunrise
08:00 - Walking in Ein Gidi
10:30 - Relaxing in the Dead Sea
12:00 - Start to leave
13:00 - Return to Jerusalem Starting point
14:00 - Return to Tel Aviv Starting point
NB - all timings on Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea, & More Tour are approximate

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Inclusions & Exclusions


  • Transportation


  • Masada Entrance 31 NIS/9 USD
  • Ein Gedi Entrance 28 NIS/8 USD
  • Dead Sea Private Beach Entrance 35 NIS/10 USD


  • Travel through the Judean Desert, passing the "Inn of the Good Samaritan" as you decend towards the Dead Sea
  • Hike up to the top of the old desert fortress of Masada in the sunrise via the famous Snake pass
  • Watch the day beginning with the stunning sunrise over the Dead Sea, Moab Mountains, and the Judean Desert
  • Tour the top of the mountain to discover the history of one of the greatesr Jewish symbols of pride and hope
  • Hike or walk through Ein Gedi with its permenant watelrfalls and springs and amazing desert plans and wildlife
  • Relax in the Dead Sea


Our Masada Sunrise Tour from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem includes Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea. It is the easiest, cheapest, and most comprehensive way to visit this area of Israel. Start your day with a sunrise climb of Masada, ascending to the top of the old desert fortress in darkness and gradually witness the lighting-up of the surroundings. Once reaching the top of the mountain, sit back, relax and take in the beauty of this extraordinary episode. After that we will head to the Ein Gedi Natural Reserve, which is an extraordinary sanctuary with wonderful desert plants, wildlife, and waterfalls perched in the center of an empty desert. Enjoy walking through the greenery and cooling off in the springs. And finally, float in the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth. The lake contains 34% salt in addition to muds and minerals with special healing properties.

With fabulous scenery, wildlife, entertaining, and adventure, no trip to Israel could be complete without this visit! It is a tour with two pick up locations; Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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